The No Name Play 2018

By John Graves Productions (other events)

4 Dates Through Dec 16, 2018

This year, Graves and the cast of The No Name Play 2 hit the ground running with sold out performances in celebration of the original The No Name Play 10 year anniversary! The celebration continues! In 2008, THE NO NAME PLAY (TNNP) sold out theaters in its first weekend of performance. It has since continued to grip the hearts of audiences with its powerful message of love and redemption. 

In the largest epidemic the world has ever seen, individuals search desperately for their missing loved ones. "The No Name Play" is an astonishing depiction of future events according to the Holy Scriptures, a remarkable and thrilling story of love and conviction and the difficult choices they compel us to make.

This show is intended for mature audiences only (C,L). Parental discretion is advised.